What is Posh Pile?

According Webster’s New World Dictionary, Posh Pile is defined as:

Posh: adjective: luxurious and fashionable.
Pile: a soft, velvety raised surface of yarn loops, often sheared, as on a rug

Posh Pile Ultimate Luxury car mats were created by Tom Muldowney a car enthusiast. Tom has been obsessed with cars since he was a little kid growing up in New Jersey. The youngest of six children, Tom’s brothers used to bet their friends that their 5 year old little brother could guess the year, make, model and engine size of any car.

The brothers never lost a bet! Fast forward to age 12, Tom got a job at Tenafly Foreign and Domestic Cars, the local Peugeot dealer. The owner taught Tom how to do oil changes, clean and wax the new and used cars, and even buy second hand cars for the dealership. Ever the entrepreneur, Tom developed a successful car detailing business which landed him his first job, out of Marquette University, selling Walker Mufflers for Tenneco Automotive, which was the third biggest aftermarket firm at that time.

Tom went on to spend 16 great years at Loctite Corporation working in sales and marketing, R&D, and eventually relocating to Hong Kong as Vice President of Marketing and responsible for growing the Permatex business. 

Ever the car lover, Tom has six cars between Hong Kong and the U.S. He found that the factory mats only lasted a little more than one year, and replacement mats often had to be reordered from Japan or Europe and took weeks and in some cases months, to get. The carpeted mats in the auto accessory shops just were not up to Tom’s high standards, hence the concept of Posh Pile was born. Tom set out to create mats that were better than original equipment mats, mats that were reasonably priced, and mats that were readily available.


Posh Pile mats feature:


  • A thermoplastic rubber backing on the 5TH Avenue mats; something Tom could not find even in Lexus OEM mats.

  • Fully sewn edges instead of inexpensive taped edges like on most aftermarket mats.

  • Woven Nylon heel pads instead of less luxurious vinyl or plastic.

  • Special universal sizing designed to fit the majority of cars on today’s roads.

  • Stay Tuned has an innovative weight saving hook and loop anti-drift backing, normally only found on factory mats from Japan.


The HKTDC, Hong Kong's business promotion arm, did a video on Tom's quest for perfection.